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Pretty v. Beautiful

I find myself comparing to other women again. I wish I can snap myself out of it but unfortunately it just seems in our human nature to compare. And social media just magnifies that phenomenon.

I know it shouldn’t bother me when other friends get compliments on their looks but I can’t help it. I may have lost 70 pounds but I still need to work of my confidence.

There’s really only a handful of people in my lifetime who’ve told me I’m beautiful (one of whom is my own mother, but that’s just my mother). And there’s women out there who are constantly told they’re beautiful on a daily basis.

I’ve been told I’m pretty or that I look great. But that doesn’t really translate that I look beautiful. I shouldn’t rely on people’s judgments in whether or not I fit their idea of beauty.

I’m not sure what the point of this blog post is, but I feel I need to get this out of my chest, and hopefully my headspace will turn to a brighter light and forget this pretty/beautiful nonsense. Bottom line, I need to start loving myself and giving myself credit.

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